Friday, 23 November 2007

Coffee 'n' Cake

Mmm... coffee 'n' cake. I'm making myself hungry.

Ahem, anyway, here we go again. I felt like a fresh start (and I felt like moving to a free blogging platform... well, I am Scottish after all), so I set this up. I still have all the posts from my old blog safely archived, so I haven't lost those 4 years of writing, but I just wanted to start again.

Why coffee and cake? Well, basically because I don't want to set up a blog for personal and another for work stuff, I think I'm just going to put whatever comes to mind here: kind of like when you're sitting in a coffee shop and just enjoying the conversation.

Oh, and the bitterness of coffee goes really nicely with the sweetness of cake.

And if that kind of strange comment doesn't bother you, hopefully most of the stuff here won't confuse you too much :)


Sam said...

hey chris! good to see you blogging again!

coffee and cake....always a good idea!

John said...

Hi Chris

Glad you're back!

J :-)

Louise said...

Good to see you back.Imissed your blogs

Chris said...

Thanks guys :)

Captain Andrew Clark said...

Welcome back to let that one slip by unnoticed!!

caldjr said...

there is no escape - found you!!!!! (only 6 weeks behind everyone else ... pretty quick for me!)