Tuesday, 18 December 2007

And now for the news

Well, turns out I had less time for blogging than I thought! So time for a bit of catchup:

Amy's dedication was a fantastic day. The meeting and ceremony were led by our good friend Janet Robson. I was stunned when Amy behaved very well when in Janet's arms (the last time she screamed... Amy, I mean, not Janet). There were quite a few friends and family members there to witness the occasion, and it was fantastic to see most of them staying to share a meal afterwards too (thanks to Dan for the image). The dedication seems to have done Amy some good too - she decided to start rolling over that day, and is now eating what is laughingly called "solid" food :)

The panto went really well too - the practices were a bit stressful and, to be honest, if the practices were as good as it got I thought we were in real trouble. But the guys all did really well on the night - even to the point of ad-libbing (which is very confusing if you're following the script and trying to work out when to put in a sound effect or something like that). I was really proud of them all; they did a great job, and everyone seemed to enjoy the show. In the end the hall was absolutely packed out - I reckon there would have been about 130 people there in total!

No rest for the wicked, though. Having got through the panto on the Tuesday we had to get ready for the carol concert on Wednesday in Ladybank. The plan was to have some band pieces, songs from the singing group, a couple of timbrel items, and readings of the Christmas story. It all went surprisingly well, and the people from the church appreciated us being there.

Friday was the community carol concert in Warout primary school. We did a concert like this for the first time last year, and had to make a few changes this time (it was far too long last year), and I think we got a good balance this year. The various bands and singing groups all did really well, as did the timbrels and especially the school choir we'd invited. Santa even made an appearance :)

Corps carol concert was another hit (in my humble opinion - and I can say that because I was just doing the sound and song words for that one). A packed hall, and lots of good fun. The best thing in all of this has been that we've been able to be involved with over seven hundred people in the one week... that's an incredible reach, and a whole load of new relationships. Who knows whether even just one or two will start to think about what difference God could make in their lives?

What else? Carolling is still going pretty well - Thursday nights are very quiet (late night opening doesn't seem to have taken off, really), but the Saturdays are busy. We're at least managing to have a good laugh whilst playing.

...and (ta-daa), Christmas Day is nearly here!!!! :)

Just a brief overview of everything that's been going on, really... I'd like to have written more but my memory is pants and it would have been a very long post. If you don't read the blog before now and Tuesday, have a fantastic Christmas!

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Louise said...

Glad everything is going well and that Amy's Dedication was a special moment for you both