Saturday, 1 December 2007

Escape Adulthood

A while back I won a prize in a competition on ProBlogger. I won a "Whatever" clock donated by Kim and Jason. It's a cool idea, and I love the idea of just deciding to ignore the clock from time to time.

But this is more of an advert than anything else :) Kim and Jason's mission is to rid the world of "adultitis". If you want to get some ideas for recapruting your childhood and/or escaping adulthood, swing on over to their site and check it out.

Oh, and as soon as Club K&J is open to non-US residents, sign up! I got a free copy of the club magazine with my prize and I've been waiting for them to open the club up to foreigners ever since.

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Chris said...

Hmm, looks like blogger doesn't let you schedule posts to come online in the future... this was meant for tomorrow, but it's gone online straight away.

Oh well :)