Wednesday, 5 December 2007


I really want to go to Japan... I think it sounds fascinating and, well, exotic and all that. This'll probably end up as one of those life-long dreams that I only do when I retire or something (unless we get sent there as part of our officership... who knows?). If any high-ranking officers are reading this, I would be open to suggestions of a Japanese appointment (convincing Dawn might be another matter though).

Anyway, Japan's known for its beautiful scenery and hi-tech lifestyle, but sometimes for downright oddness. I mean, is this sort of thing actually common?

Oh, and I kind of like the idea of trying out a capsule hotel for a night, just for the experience. Apparently there's one near Gatwick, but I don't think it's the same thing.

Update: the Gatwick Yotel is, in fact, a bit different to the sleeping tubes I've seen previously... but it still looks cool and now I want to go there too :)


Lurch Kimded said...

Japan is just simply amazing. I will return one day... oh yes... I will return!!!! :)

Chris said...

Any ideas when you're going to get back, Adam?

No offers of an overseas appointment yet, by the way ;)