Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Sally Bloggers

What with moving from Council of War to various free options (this blog being one of them) Sally Bloggers has had to go. Sally Bloggers was a blog ring that linked together bloggers with some kind of link to The Salvation Army... but since I won't have my own server for much longer, I wouldn't be able to run the ring any more.

Fortunately, my friend John has decided to list sally bloggers on his own site instead! So if you were a member of the ring, or if you never got around to joining but you are a blogger with a link to The Salvation Army, drop John a line and he'll add your site to the list.

You can see the list so far, and get his e-mail address at


Joyfulsister said...

Aloha Chris.. Thanks for the updates.. Now can I have a Starbucks coffee with my cake
*Smile* Lorie

Mitchenstein said...

Hey Chris - how's it going? Thanks for the link...

I mentioned you very briefly in my latest mitchenstein365 post by the way :D

Take care and God bless!

John :)

Chris said...

No problem Lorie :)

Going fine thanks John - just having an evening in while Dawn's at the youth club (we take turns at going to the clubs or looking after Amy). Good post on your 365 blog, by the way!!