Friday, 8 February 2008

On the move (again)

The list is out now - so I guess all the moves are public.

Particularly interesting to me are:
  • Janet Robson - Territorial Youth Secretary (National HQ - London). Janet has been our Divisonal Youth Officer in the East of Scotland for 9 or 10 years, and a great friend to Dawn and I. She drove us down to college, and was our support officer when we were appointed to Glenrothes. It'll be a big loss to us personally when she moves "down South", but I know she'll do a fantastic job.
  • Sue Betts - new Divisonal Youth Officer for East Scotland
  • Gavin Friday - new Corps Officer at Kirkcaldy. Gavin came to Glenrothes last year to shadow us for a week, and has ended up appointed to the corps just down the road :)
  • Ian and Sandy Davis - moving to Mirfield Corps. Ian and Sandy were good friends of ours during our time at the training college.
  • John & Cynthia Friday - moving to Greenock. I've known the Fridays forever!
  • Penny Sullivan - Plymouth Congress Hall and Tavistock - another friend from college. We were on placement with Penny for 10 weeks at Southend Citadel.
  • John and Elizabeth Tubby - coming to Dunfermline Corps - Dunfermline is another of the corps just down the road from us. It's actually our home corps (i.e. it's the one we went in to the training college from), and Dawn's mum and aunt still go there.
  • Bev & Dave Womersley - Abertillery Corps - Bev & Dave were more friends from training college and came to elad out young people's anniversary a while back.
And I've probably missed a few people too. I didn't even realise Penny was moving until the second time I looked at the list... so there are bound to be others I know that I haven't noticed! Anyway, these, and all the other officers who are moving will need your prayers. Please remember them.

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