Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Retreat in Daily Life

I'm trying something new this month... I got a mailshot from our local Christian counselling centre offering a "retreat in daily life" for Lent. The idea is that I spend about half an hour a day in prayer and meditation, and then meet with a "spiritual director" once a week to talk over what God has said and/or done during the previous week.

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of this - it will be good to discipline myself to having a set quiet time, and will be great to speak to someone about the insights etc. that I gain from it all.

Most of all, I want to feel refreshed by this.

Now, I'm not writing about this to say, "look how holy I am", or anything like that... I'm writing about it because I'm pretty likely to write about it again later on when I know how it's going. I already think it's going to be a great experience :)

Photo by RickyDavid.

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John1954Moi said...

Taking a retreat in any form can be challenging, but also be very helpful in the development of your spiritual life. I pray God's blessing on you, and look forward to hearing how it goes. John.