Thursday, 21 February 2008

Worship in Fauldhouse

I've just had a great evening in Fauldhouse. Where? Yeh, I'd never been to Fauldhouse before tonight so I'm eternally grateful for the wonders of satellite navigation. Anyway, I was there for a divisional worship gathering called Praise, Power and Prayer. I was delivering the "power" segment... essentially giving the message.

The first 20 minutes were led by Fauldhouse's worship group, which I have to say was absolutely brilliant! Three brass instruments, a guitar, and the leader who was singing, leading, playing keyboard, and doing the powerpoint all by himself! The worship time was a great start to the evening.

Then over to me for a while, as I thought aloud about what it would be like if we saw people as God sees them.

Finally, over to Barry (the officer at The Salvation Army in Livingston) who led us in a prayer time and encouraged us to see God differently - and to try and clear away anything that might be affecting our "sight".

All in all, it was a good time! There was a good atmosphere - here's hoping that the other divisional meetings throughout the year go as well.

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