Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Film night: Passion of the Christ

We're going to be showing Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" on Thursday 20th March, 6.30pm at The Salvation Army in Glenrothes. The idea of the evening is to let people see this controversial film and present them with a fresh view of what people think went on during Jesus' last days.

If you would like to come, then please do! It would be handy if you let us know (01592 757909) beforehand so that we have an idea of how many seats to put out, but even if you can't do that feel free to just turn up. There will be no admission charge or anything like that. Please feel free to invite friends to come along too.

After the film, you'll be invited to fill in a contact slip so that we can call you about a week later to see if you have any questions or comments... but if you choose not to do so, that's entirely OK.

Please be aware that this is a pretty brutal film - if you are of a nervous or weak disposition you might want to think seriously about whether you want to come. The brutal nature of the film's content is also the reason that we will not be entering into a formal question and answer session on the night - we believe people would rather ask questions individually if they want to, or make use of the contact forms to ask questions after the event.

Please also be aware that this film is rated 18... i.e. we will not be allowing under-18s into the building that night.

That's "The Passion of the Christ", Thursday 20th March, 6.30pm, The Salvation Army, Caskieberran Road, Glenrothes.

The image is of Salvadore Dali's "Christ of St John of the Cross", currently residing in the Kelvingrove Gallery, Glasgow.

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