Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Lectio Divina

Slightly surprised to find that the whole Lectio Divina thing is going well... it's certainly a refreshing way of studying and reflecting on scripture.

See, I'm pretty logical most of the time and if I'm given something to look at I make sure I get all the background material and so on to be sure I'm getting the most I can out of it. And I'm not saying that's bad now, because sometimes we need to look into things deeply and try to understand the background, other viewpoints, and so on. But it's been interesting just to sit and see what comes... what God wants to say rather than what various theologians have written.

I'm not going to put any of my reflections on here (at the minute, I may do it later), but suffice to say I'm really enjoying this particular discipline.

Gordon, over at URBANarmy has, in the past, put a passage online and asked people to engage in Lectio Divina with it, kind of a collaborative version. If I did the same here, would anyone be up for posting their comments?


headphonaught said...

I'd be up for it... between YO GABBA GABBA and the WII.

Lurch Kimded said...

Sounds like it could be a cool thing... I certainly have the time these days :)

Chris said...

Thanks guys, I'll get around to that very soon then.

wcs53 said...

I'd also be interested.

caldjr said...

count me in! could be a good discipline for me especially after Lent is over.