Saturday, 7 June 2008


Has there ever been a franchise with more games potential? I don't think so... So why release a Doctor Who game of Top Trumps!?

I mean, there's the TARDIS to explore, alien worlds to visit, beings to negotiate with or, when that fails, shoot. Puzzles to be solved... and what do we actually get? A computerised version of comparing stats... might as well have given us Doctor Who excel instead.

PS - for all that I think this is a wasted opportunity, I am not that deeply distraught - you don't need to inform the samaritans or anything.


Dawn said...

If you need any pastoral counselling I would be happy to try and help - I've just done a course on that.... ;-)

Chris said...

Hah - might take you up on the offer. I'm at the college on Wednesday, by the way, if you're around.

Mark Duell said...

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Mitchenstein said...

We miss you, Chris!